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If you’re like a lot of new-ish church communicators, when you saw the theme for this month your first thought was, “Oh. That doesn’t really apply to me.” Well, I beg to differ. I don’t care what your title is or if you’re a team of one or 21. You are a leader. I mean, think of how many people you affect each and every week through your church bulletin and e-newsletter. Now add your website and social media accounts!  You’re a mover and a shaker, I’m tellin’ ya.

Of course, I get why you hesitate to use the word leader. You don’t feel like a leader because it seems like you’re often just implementing what someone else tells you to do. You’re in meetings, but you’re not running the meetings. But just because you’re not floating around the top of the org chart doesn’t mean you don’t have influence—and influence is what leadership’s all about.

This month’s resources are designed to help you own your role as a communications leader in your church. I hope you find them useful and inspiring and, to be honest, a little kick-in-the-pants-ish. Even the best of leaders can use that every once in awhile.

As always, I’d love to know if we’re addressing the topics that really matter to you. If you have suggestions for future focus areas, drop me a line. It’d be great to hear from you!

Take care,
Kelley Hartnett
Membership Director


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Documents & Templates

How to Respond to No

Login to download a flow chart that’ll help you navigate the “no.”

10 Top Volunteer Hacks

Login to download a super-practical list of ways to better lead your volunteers.

The Vocabulary of Leadership

Login to download a chart of “say this, not that” suggestions to elevate your leadership vocabulary.

The In-Between

Login to download a list of six ways to get buy-in on your new communication strategies.

Leading Up by Getting Ahead

Login to download a guide to getting ahead with sermon series planning.

Nine Summer Weeks to Revolutionize Your Fall

Login to download a nine-week plan that will help you take your leadership to the next level—from tasks to meetings to relationships and more.

When Pastors Pull Rank

Login to download some tips on dealing with pastors who pull rank.

Six Leadership Lessons from Serving on Vestry

Login to download six lessons leadership lessons gleaned from a volunteer’s perspective.

Play Well With Others

Login to download four keys for creating a cooperative working environment.

Four Requirements of Leading Up

Login to download four key strategies for effectively leading up.

Five Simple Tips for Creative Leadership

Login to download five tips to help you lead the creatives on your team.

Expectations and Priorities

Login to download some tips for setting priorities and expectations with your team and senior leaders.

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