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Even if you’re a newbie church communicator, you’ve likely heard some variation of this:

“We need to be telling more stories.”

And even if you consider yourself a veteran church communicator, you may be thinking some variation of this:

“Ummm, OK. But what does that even mean?”

This month on Courageous Storytellers, we’ve set out to answer not only the what of storytelling, but also the why and how. Whether you’re a small-but-mighty church with a limited budget or a ginormous congregation with a swarm of artistic staff, you’ll find helpful resources to empower you start telling better stories.

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Kelley Hartnett
Courageous Storytellers Director


Storytelling: Director’s Cut

Joe Porter is the communications director at Whitewater Crossing in the Cincinnati area, in addition to maintaining his photo and video business. In this webinar, Joe shares his expertise on producing video stories by narrating a recent project he created—explaining the what, why, and how of particular footage along the way.

Visual Storytelling

Nick Jones is a board member with the Center for Church Communication (our nonprofit parent), journalist, cinematographer, and creative strategist. As the owner of Lampstand, a documentary film studio based in Oklahoma City, Nick has provided the creative horsepower behind many notable conferences and campaigns including the Willow Creek Summit, People of the Second Chance, Foursquare Church, Compassion International, The Mentoring Project, and more. In this webinar, Nick talks about the pre-work necessary for developing compelling stories, when to leave things on the cutting room floor, and more.

Storytelling and the Hero’s Journey

Robert Carnes is a freelance writer and storyteller. He writes for blogs and online publications and has worked for a number of years in marketing and communications for both churches and nonprofits. He serves as managing editor at the Orange Group in Atlanta. In this webinar, Robert unpacks the importance of highlighting the right hero in your stories.

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Documents & Templates

Developing a Storytelling Culture

by: Brian Mann

Churches are more excited than ever about story. In fact, we’re living in a golden age of storytelling. But telling stories is only the first step toward seeing real impact. Join or login to learn how to go beyond storytelling as a spectacle and begin fully embracing it as a culture.

How to Catalog Stories

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

There are almost always incredible stories happening in your church. Login or join to download a simple system for cataloging and archiving those stories so you can actually put them to good use

How to Find Stories to Tell at Your Church

by: Erin Feldman

Storytelling in the church requires creativity, time, and (sometimes) gear and plenty of technical know-how. Most importantly, though, it requires having stories to tell to begin with. Login or join to get access to a resource that’ll help you find them.

18 Places to Look for Stories in Your Church

by: Robert Carnes

You know your church could be telling better stories, but the most difficult part of storytelling is finding the right stories to tell. Join or login to check out these 18 potential story sources you can start mining for inspiration.

31 Resources for Storytellers

by: Robert Carnes

Join or login to access a list of 31 resources that inspire you to tell better stories: books, podcasts, blogs, TED talks, conferences, and courses.

How to Help Someone Share Their Story

by: Dustin Keele

How do you help someone share their story in a way that they’re excited for others to see? Join or login to access a comprehensive checklist of ways to capture stories well—including a questionnaire to help prepare your storyteller.

7 Tips for Stress-Free Video Shoots

by: Mark Roach

Video shoots always feel “super fast” in your head—until you actually arrive on set.To make sure you’re prepared for your next shoot, login or join to download this checklist of things to think about ahead of time.

Storytelling Through Magazines

by: Jonathan Norton

When we think about storytelling, we often limit ourselves to film. Login or join four to discover if a printed magazine is another viable storytelling medium for your church.

Video Testimonies: Four Lessons from Four Movies

by: Marc Aune

There are no limits to the technology that could be applied to video production, but none of it matters if you don’t start with the story itself. Join or login to learn four simple lessons to help your video testimonies communicate the stories that God has inspired.

Why Your Church Should Invest in Storytelling

by: Erin Feldman

Stories help us step into other people’s perspectives, gain clarity on tough subjects, or cause us to act. Join or login to access nine ways stories can support your overall church mission.

Video Gear Essentials

by: John Carrington

If you’re ready to start investing in visual storytelling, you likely have lots of questions about equipment. Join or login to get some professional gear advice to match most budgets.

Storytelling Doesn't Require a Film Crew

by: Kelley Hartnett

Many church communicators ill-equipped to pull off a good story. Know why we feel that way? Because when we hear “storytelling” we think “video.” But films aren’t the only way to tell stories. Login or join to find suggestions for other ways to communicate what God’s doing through your church.

11 Places to Share Stories

by: Kelley Hartnett

Worship gatherings are a great place to share stories. But they aren’t the only place. Join or login to access a list of 11 other places to tell them.

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