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Sure, senior pastors are busy. Preparing sermons, leading staff meetings, offering pre-marital counseling, and on and on the list continues. These people have gifts and callings from God that undeniably bless our communities and challenge our congregations to grow.

We’re certainly not taking anything away from senior pastors or anyone else on your team, but church communicators might be the most misunderstood and under-appreciated folks on church staffs. We’re sort of the equivalent of church referees; if we do our jobs really well, people probably won’t even know we exist.

Take us out of the equation, though, and chaos is sure to ensue.

With everything we have on our plates, I think all of us would be grateful for a few extra hours in the workweek, or at least a few tricks that make our massive/unrealistic (?) workloads a little more manageable.

That’s what this month is all about. These little tips and tricks may not completely rock your world, but they may help you complete your weekly tasks just a little quicker and just a little easier. Smart church communicators take advantage of automation, delegation, and simplification to hack their way to a slightly easier and more productive life.

And one more tip: After you implement all these changes, take advantage of the time you save. Don’t just work more hours with the time you save. Go home. Rest. Spend time with your family and do stuff for fun. That might be the most important life hack you can find.



Making Design Easy with Canva (with Barbara Carneiro)

Photoshop, Illustrator, and the full Adobe Suite are… well, sweet. However, they’re also pretty complex programs. Some churches don’t have any designers on staff, and even if you do, sometimes it’s just too time consuming to create original graphics from scratch every. single. time.

Enter Canva. Canva is an online design tool that makes it super easy to make beautiful design projects quickly, regardless of your actual design skill or experience. A little tip? Canva Pro (with even more helpful tools) is available for free for churches.

If you’re not currently using Canva at your church (or if you’re just getting started), check out this helpful webinar from Barbara Carneiro. Odds are some of their features could be incredibly helpful even for teams of skillful designers.


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Documents & Templates

25 Productivity Hacks to Make Church Comm Life Easier

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

There are never enough hours in the day or days in the week–especially when those pesky Sundays seem to creep up so quickly! Need to simplify your life and hack your way to save a few hours? Take a look at these 25 simple tweaks you can make to increase your productivity.

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Where to Find Stock Photos, Background Music, & Video B-Roll

by: Nathan Ehresman

Bad stock photos are easy to spot from a mile away, but good stock media can cost a pretty penny. Besides, who has the time to sort through the countless stock sites? We do. Whatever your budget, here are quality options for stock photos, background music, and video b-roll.

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The Basic Pros/Cons of Dropbox, Evernote, & Google Drive

by: Kim Bontrager

Cloud-based storage is awesome, but it can also be a hassle knowing which provider meets your needs the best. If you’re currently juggling a messy mix of Dropbox, Evernote, & Google Drive, here’s a basic rundown of what you need to know.

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25 Life Hacks That Also Work At The Office

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

Everyone loves a good meme, right? Check out these 23 memes (plus two bonus tips) of ways you can use sponges, paper clips, and dryer sheets to “hack” your way to a smoother life in the office.

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Maybe You Don't Need to Post on Social Media Every Day

by: Adam McLaughlin

Posting daily on Facebook may be a good plan, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good strategy. What’s the difference, and should you actually be posting every day? Check out these four important steps that should make up your social media strategy.

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Save Time by Centralizing Comm Elements

by: Matt Ehresman

Sometimes we get so busy juggling various tasks that we don’t realize how silly and unproductive our processes are. Is there anything you can do to centralize your various communication elements to save time and effort? Check out how this church uses Evernote to simplify the process.

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How to Hack Your Email Inbox

by: Robert Carnes

In today’s workplace, keeping up with email is an inevitable part of life. But it can also be a massive time-suck. So how do you get more done, while also staying on top of that neverending stream of electronic messages? Here are a few tips that might help trim down some of the email clutter.

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How to Delegate Like a Boss

by: Erin Feldman

Church communicators have a lot on their plates. While we technically own many responsibilities, ownership doesn’t have to equate to direct involvement. Leveraging volunteers is a crucial element to success, and here are some practical tips to better delegate your tasks.

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The Ultimate List of ProPresenter Hacks

by: Carl Barnhill

If your church is using ProPresenter, we wanted to compile a resource of a few “hacks” and tricks you may not be currently utilizing. However, we also want to provide a quick crash course on how important your lyric operator is. Check out our ultimate ProPresenter guide here!

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Juggling Passwords: Password Management for Your Church

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

You probably know hundreds of passwords. How do you possibly remember them all? You don’t, and that’s why password management is crucial for your church.

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