What is Courageous Storytellers?

At the heart of church communication is storytelling.

Telling the story of what God is doing at your church, telling the story of how attending an event can change someone’s life, telling your senior pastor the story of how using a particular communications tool can transform the church, etc.

As Christians, our great commission is to go and tell the world about Jesus, making disciples in his name. We need to get better about telling the story of what God is doing in and through our churches. We need more men and women to step up and have the courage to share about Jesus and what he did for us. For churches to fulfill their mission, we need church communicators to remove whatever barriers are holding them back from telling their God-story.

Does your social footprint reflect what’s really going on at your church? Do you use social media as a means to connect with people and make disciples, or do you use it mainly to promote different events and ministries?

Does your website reflect who you truly are, and what God has done?

Is your branding and messaging a great reflection of Jesus and the attractive, yet controversial, message of redemption and salvation?

There are storytellers… and then there are Courageous Storytellers!

Telling the true story of the real Jesus requires a great deal of courage. Courage to face frustration, rejection, and opposition. Courage to ask the right questions. Courage to try new things, and courage to embrace the sacred.

We want to help you in your struggle. We want to equip you in living out your calling. We want to push you to become a better church communicator.

We want you to become a Courageous Storyteller.

Membership Has Its Benefits!

When you become a member of Courageous Storytellers, you’re not just becoming a better church communicator, you’re joining a movement. You’re joining hundreds of other people in the same position as you who are leaning into their God-given calling.

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