Membership Has Its Benefits!

When you become a member of Courageous Storytellers, you’re not just becoming a better church communicator, you’re joining a movement. You’re joining hundreds of other people in the same position as you who are leaning into their God-given calling.

Courageous Storytellers is brought to you by The Sunday Group – the same team behind SundayU and That Church Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called “Courageous Storytellers”?

At the heart of church communication is storytelling. It’s telling the story of what God is doing at your church, telling the story of how attending an event can change someone’s life, telling your senior pastor the story of how using a particular communications tool can transform the church, etc. For churches to fulfill their mission, we need church communicators to step up, remove barriers, and tell their God-story.

Telling this story requires a great deal of courage. Courage to face frustration and courage to ask the right questions. Courage to try new things and courage to embrace the sacred.

We want to help you in your struggle. We want to equip you in living out your calling. We want to push you to become a better church communicator. We want you to excel as a courageous storyteller.

The resources in this membership site are focused on you. Sure, they’re designed to help your church, but we accomplish that by resourcing you. When a church communicator wins, we win.

What’s included in membership?

The $299/year (or $29/month) membership includes webinars and trainings, templates, documents, social media images, and discounts on products and services. Every month we offer new resources loosely based on a relevant theme (volunteers, Christmas, social media, websites, systems, etc.). When you subscribe, you get access to this month’s resource pack, plus everything we’ve ever created. The longer you are a member, the more resources you’ll have access to.

How do the discounts work?

When you purchase your membership, you gain access to a page listing all of our discount partners and the instructions for obtaining each discount. Discounts range from free shipping to a percentage off of products and services. Some discount partners offer exclusive perks to Courageous Storytellers members that are not available to the general public.

We are continually working to get our members more discounts and are routinely adding new deals, so check the discounts page often!

Can I pay by the month?

Yes! You can choose to pay by the month for only $29. However, the yearly price is a better deal—you save $49. Either way, you can choose to cancel at anytime…no long-term commitments.

How do the social media images work?

Each month, we offer 30 new social media images in both square and landscape formats, ready to post directly to your social accounts. We even include the PSD files so you can edit them as you see fit.

How do the documents & templates work?

Based on the monthly theme, we offer a variety of ready-to-use, plug-and-play documents and templates you can use for your ministry. These resources can save you a ton of time and brain power. We’ll have sample job descriptions, code for your website, manuals and other tools. Access to these documents and templates alone is worth the price of membership!

What happens if I get stuck with registration or have a problem with the site?

Just jump over to our contact page and we’ll be happy to help.

I own a company and would like to give a discount to this amazing group. How do I do that?

We’d love to partner with you. Contact us and we’ll get the conversation going.