Contributor Guidelines

At Courageous Storytellers, we affirm that church communication is difficult work. Our goal is to offer easily digestible and super-practical resources for church communicators looking for help.

How to Write for Courageous Storytellers

  • We don’t have a particular word count in mind, but our resources average three pages in length. It’s OK to go shorter or longer as long as what you’re writing is helpful.
  • Please think “checklist” or “template” or “step-by-step guidelines,” rather than “blog post.” We strive to provide practical, not-overwhelming help. Subheadings and bullet points are our best friends.
  • We’ve likely given you a general overview of the topic we’d like you to cover. If you get stuck, or if you feel the need to go in a different direction, please reach out right away.
  • If for some reason you’re unable to contribute the content you committed to provide, please let us know as soon as you reach that conclusion. That will save you from being nagged, and it’ll give us as much time as possible to find a replacement. (Our monthly schedule is pretty inflexible, so the more advance notice the better.)


  • All submissions should conform to AP style and professional writing standards.
  • Include any relevant links to outside sites as well as any necessary hat tips (we like to give “link via xxx” credit when possible and appropriate). Give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Thank You for Volunteering

Courageous Storytellers assumes all rights for resources and will make reasonable edits as necessary. Our intention is to provide exclusive resources to our members, so we ask you not to share it on other channels, including your own website/blog.

As a thank you for sharing your expertise, you’ll receive:

  • A two-sentence bio at the end of your resource, plus a link to one social account you’d like us to share and to your website if you have one. You’re welcome to include other relevant links inside your bio (to your book, your church, and so on). We reserve the right to edit your bio.
  • A month of free access to Courageous Storytellers for every month you contribute a resource.
  • Access to our Courageous Storytellers Facebook Group for the every month you contribute a resource.
  • Our deepest gratitude for your willingness to help a struggling church communicator.