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Easter is right around the corner. March 2 marks 50 days until Easter (gulp).

But don’t you worry—we have your back with some helpful resources. If I were you, I’d start by downloading Super Sunday. It’s a super-fast read with lots of helpful, practical ideas. Then, eat a couple of peanut butter cup eggs (so much better than the Christmas trees) and get to work.

We’ll be here for you if you need us!

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P.S.: Don’t forget to check out our Easter social graphics. Head over to the Social Images page and use the dropdown menu to select “easter”.


Proving Easter

Let’s be honest: The Easter story is pretty weird. Convincing people that Jesus was real, he really died, and he really rose from the dead can be a pretty daunting task. How can we help our friends and neighbors understand and believe us that this truly is the greatest story ever told–and it really happened?

Lee Strobel (best-selling author of The Case for Christ and several other books) was a passionate and skeptical atheist determined to tear down and disprove Jesus’ death and resurrection–until he came across facts he couldn’t refute. Once Lee found convincing proof of the Easter story, his life was never the same.

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Keeping Easter Fresh (Q&A with Blaine Hogan)

If you’ve been around the church for a while, sometimes it can get challenging to tell “the same stories” every year. The Easter story hasn’t changed, so how do you tell it again in a way that resonates with your community? How can you come up with another idea for a great video, graphic, sermon title, or stage design when you used up all your good ones last year? Maybe a better question: How do you make quality art day in and day out–for your entire career? How do you avoid burnout and keep motivation to continue honing your craft?

We’ve got a great conversation with Blaine Hogan. Blaine worked at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago for 10 years, working his way up to their lead creative director. His team was excellent at utilizing art and communication to tell stories. These days he’s not doing much—just making commercials with LeBron James and Cindy Crawford. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

Before the Easter season gets too hectic, take time to watch this talk with Blaine. He’s right:

We make better art when we become better humans.

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Easter Production and Communication

Ben Stapley is creative pastor at Liquid Church. Mark MacDonald is the lead strategist at Be Known for Something and an instructor for The Intensive.

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Easter Communications Quick Tips

What one piece of advice or one idea would you give to church communicators preparing for Easter? Answers from Joe Porter, John Yeng, and Mark MacDonald in these quick videos.

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Easter Documents & Templates

Easter Devotional for Church Communicators

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

This devotional is for you, church communicator, because we don’t want you to miss out. You’re so busy making Easter services happen, it’s easy to forget the story we’re celebrating.

Easter Checklist

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

Whoo, boy, Easter is coming. You can feel the pressure ratcheting up as the big day gets closer. We’ve got an Easter checklist to help you stay on track.

Lee Strobel Shareable Social Media Videos

by: Lee Strobel

As Easter approaches, we’ve got helpful videos for your social channels. Grab these videos from author Lee Strobel sharing interesting facts about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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Easter Story Social Media Pack

by: Sheri Felipe

As Easter approaches, walk your church family through the Easter story with 17 social media graphics that take you through Jesus’ final days. Download the pack for free and share away on Facebook and Instagram!

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3 Tips For External Easter Signage

by: Andrew Miller

Adding an additional banner or marquee outside your church may add intrigue and draw attention to major events like Easter, but don’t miss these three important reminders.

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5 Reasons Why Your Church Should Consider Direct Mail This Easter

by: Ryan Neufeld

It might seem like print advertising is on its way out, but you might be surprised how successful direct mail advertising campaigns can be. Here are five reasons why your church should consider it this Easter.

Tips For Creating Easter Lead Magnets

by: Shannon Whitehead

With Easter quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to consider how your church can use a lead magnet to attract guests. Not sure how to do that? Check out these four tips.

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How To Turn Easter Guests Into Regular Attenders

by: Adam McLaughlin

Instead of searching for the perfect gimmick or come back event, here are some simple things every church can do to get those Easter guests to come back again next Sunday.

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Harnessing Facebook Ads, Boosts, & Events for Easter Sunday

by: Dean Levitt

Nearly half of your audience is searching for events on Facebook, which leads to a huge opportunity for churches this Easter. Get the latest tips on ads, boosts, and events here.

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10 Easter Stage Design Ideas For Your Church

by: Jonathan Malm

The Easter season is a great time to put some extra time and effort into an attractive stage design. Check out these 10 awesome designs that might work well for your church this season.

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9 Things To Do To Prepare For Easter 2019 Early

by: Robert Carnes

The weeks leading up to Easter are going to fly by. Chip away at these nine things over the next nine weeks and your preparations will be in good shape for the big day.

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Post-Easter Recovery Plan

by: Kelley Hartnett

As a church communicator, Easter can be hard. I mean, Easter is the best, of course, but it can also be the worst—deadlines, pressure, and the Biggest Sunday of the Year. Oof. To make sure you’re still around to survive Easter next year, grab the post-Easter recovery plan.

5 Days of Easter Prayer & Coloring Book

by: Kevin D. Hendricks & Erin Feldman

Instead of going crazy the final days before Easter with last-minute marketing ideas, how about just focusing on de-stressing and connecting with God? This prayer and coloring book can help.

25 Last-Minute Easter Ideas

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

With Easter rapidly approaching it’s getting late to launch something new, but we’ve got a few last-minute ideas to help you cover all the bases.

Easter Branding

by: Chuck Scoggins

Download these three Illustrator files you can use for Easter branding at your church.

Easter Invite Card Templates

by: Courageous Storytellers Team

Login to download a zip file with two InDesign templates that you can customize to create printable Easter invitations for your church.

Website Evite Tool

by: Courageous Storytellers Team

Login to download a zip file containing several files to add to your website (plus instructions) to create a custom invite tool for your people to use to invite friends to church.

Easter Communications Planner

by: Courageous Storytellers Team

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50 Ideas for Promoting Easter Sunday

by: Robert Carnes

Login to download this PDF of 50 ideas to help you promote Easter Sunday at your church.

Biggest Sunday of The Year Prep Checklist

by: Karen Shay-Kubiak

Login to download a checklist to help you prepare for the biggest Sunday of the year.

Easter Outreach Church Comm Plan

by: Ally Siwajian

Login to download a 7-step communications plan for your egg drop, passion play, or other special easter outreach event.

Easter Guest Card - Word Version

by: Courageous Storytellers Team

Login to download a zip file containing a layout of an Easter Guest Card in MS Word for those who do not have access to Adobe InDesign.

Easter Guest Card 2

by: Courageous Storytellers Team

Login to download a zip file containing an alternate layout of the Easter Guest Card. Includes an InDesign file of a guest card for you to use at Easter and assets that you can switch out to suit your church’s needs.

Easter Guest Card

by: Courageous Storytellers Team

Login to download a zip file containing an InDesign layout of a guest card for you to use at Easter. Includes assets that you can switch out to suit your church’s needs.

Easter Is Not Your Super Bowl

by: Kelley Hartnett

Download an article that explains why churches shouldn’t view Easter as a Super Bowl type event.

Members also get access to a companion worksheet.

Easter Social Media Guide

by: David Clark

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