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It’s December—which means we’ve officially entered the month that, if we’re not careful, will eat church communicators alive. But you, my friends, are Courageous Storytellers, and you’re not gonna let that happen. Right? Right. (Hopefully you read that as “Right!” and not “Riiiiiight.”)

To help you wrap up 2017, we’re inviting you to press pause in the middle of the craziness to do three things:

  1. Reflect on the amazing things that happened in your church over the past year and celebrate all that God has done.
  2. Think ahead to begin planning for sustainable, healthy communications ministry in 2018.
  3. Laugh. It’s good for you. It’s good for the people around you. Plus, laughing burns calories, and, well, Christmas goodies have a lot of them.

Wishing you the happiest of Christmas seasons. Emmanuel!

Peace to you,

Kelley Hartnett
Membership Director


2018 Survival Tips for Church Communicators

Heather Kemper-Hussey has almost 20 years of experience in the public relations field and holds degrees in communications/public relations and creative writing. She’s a 30-something wife and mother of a blended family consisting of five children ranging from a baby to a college student.

Kelley Hartnett spent more than a decade working in established churches and helping to launch new ones. Currently, she’s focused on serving as the director of the Courageous Storytellers site, writing, and volunteering for organizations that care for vulnerable populations.


Documents & Templates

4 Ways to Press Pause This Christmas

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of stressed out church communicators grinding their teeth. Rather than wait until Dec. 26, now is a good time to stare down the stress. Join or login to download a guide that will help you do just that.

Weekly Celebrations

by: Kelley Hartnett

Celebrating wins is a healthy habit to cultivate in any context. As church communicators, we’re often too busy thinking about the next goal to pause and celebrate reaching the last one, or we get too mired in the pile of problems that we minimize the ones we’ve conquered. Join or login to view a checklist with 52 ways your church can celebrate.


by: Kevin D. Hendricks

Church communicators spend a lot of time adding things to our to-do lists. When was the last time you took something off? No, not just crossed it off because it’s done—but actually removed something entirely. Join or login to get access to a resource and book that’ll help you find things to quit. 

35 Ways to Celebrate Your Team and Volunteers

by: Sara McLaughlin

As a church communicator, there’s at least a fair chance you know what it’s like to feel a bit underappreciated. Unless you’re intentional about thanking your team members and volunteers, they’ll likely feel that way, too. Join or login to access 35 ways to show your folks some love.

Pick Your Battles

by: Erica Hicks

What’s your church communications mantra? We have a suggestion: Pick your battles. Join or login to download, print, and hang this poster, available in three sizes, as a reminder. (And vistaprint has affordable pricing if you need a big one!)

Come to Me

by: Erica Hicks

Church communicators are often stress-filled and sleep-deprived. Download, print, and hang this poster in your office as a reminder to go to Jesus with your burdens. Join or login to download a zip file with three size options.

How We've Always Done It

by: Erica Hicks

Need some new office decor? Download one or more of our print-ready posters, this one featuring our Church Marketing Sucks dinosaur. Join or login to download the zip file with three size options, and print it in-house or send it over to vistaprint for an inexpensive pick-me-up.

New Year's Resolutions: Social Media Edition

by: Shannon Carducci

You ready to kill it on social media in the coming year? Join or login to download a quick month-by-month plan that offers quick, actionable steps you can take to take your social accounts to the next level.

Christmas Survival Checklist

by: Marc Aune

You’re going to put hours and hours into planning holiday events for your church this season. Join or login to download a checklist that will help you reflect, evaluate, and celebrate how it all went.

Then Tweets My Soul

by: David Regier

Sometimes, a good dose of sarcastic snark is all we need to make it through the day—and The Church Curmudgeon delivers just that. Login or join to receive an excerpt from his recent book, Then Tweets My Soul, available for a limited time and only to Courageous Storytellers members. (Then pick up the full version as gifts for your team!)

How to Use the Year of Stories Template

by: Kelley Hartnett

Numbers-based annual reports are helpful tools—but they’re incomplete. Join or login to download a guide that, when paired with our Year of Stories Template, will help you develop an engaging booklet that tells the stories behind those numbers.

A Year of Stories

by: The Courageous Storytellers Team

Join or login to download an InDesign template that will help you create a different kind of annual report—one that goes beyond data to share what all of those numbers represent: people and changed lives.

365 Pauses

by: Courageous Storytellers Team

If you’re like most church communicators, you’re probably not great at pushing pause. Like, ever. Courageous Storytellers to the rescue! Join or login to access a resource that offers one pause for every single day of the year.

Sabbath Checklist

by: Eric Dunaway

Pressing pause isn’t just a great suggestion from the Center for Church Communication; it’s something Jesus talked about. Join or login to download a checklist that will help you make the most of your day of rest.

Spiritual Retreat Guide

by: Crystal Kirkman

Sometimes, the easiest way to find space to pause is to put distance between you and possible distractions. Join or login to download a guide to planning a life-giving spiritual retreat.

31 Days of Rest and Renewal

by: Marcus Cylar

If pausing is difficult for you and you need something to help guide your reflective moments, join or login to access this devotional written especially for church communicators. (Also available in a Kindle version.)

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