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H’lo, friends!

Church communicators wear approximately 6,742 hats, and while we may have at least some knowledge about most things we do, PR is typically not something we’d have listed at the top of our résumé. I don’t know about you, but I’d never written a single press release before I got hired at my church, and I certainly had no idea what to do when a news crew showed up unannounced one Tuesday afternoon.

This month, we’ve assembled a giant bundle of press-related stuff for you—with a healthy dose of crisis communication tips tossed in for good measure. (I hope you never, ever need them.)

If you score some press coverage, let us know!

Peace y’all,

Kelley Hartnett
Courageous Storytellers Director



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Documents & Templates

PR Matters

by: Justin Dean

Justin Dean wrote the book on church and PR—literally. Join or login to download a free PDF of the entire book (and then purchase a copy through Amazon).

Church Social Media Policy

by: Justin Dean

Obviously, your church’s presence on social media influences how people in the community perceive you. In other words, social media is all about public relations. Login or join to download this resource that will help maximize the benefits of social—and minimize the risks.

Crisis Communication: 6 Tips You Won't Want to Read

by: Jodi Tonarelli

This resource isn’t going to be fun to read. Here’s the reality we are dealing with though: Humans make up the church—humans who may love Jesus, but who also make mistakes and sometimes even crash and burn. You owe it to your church to read this before you need it. Join or login to access it.

6 Steps to Defusing Dynamite

by: Jeff Brown

As church communicators, we’re busy—but often for good reasons. Occasionally, though, a lit stick of dynamite gets tossed to you, and things get complicated very quickly. Join or login to learn six steps to navigating a major crisis within your church.

Sample Crisis Communication Guidelines

by: Kelly Adkins and Jon Rogers

Should your church have written guidelines to help guide you through crisis situations? Absolutely. Have any idea what such guidelines would even look like? Maybe not. To help you get started, we have two real-life samples here for you—from two different perspectives. Login or join to get access.

Responding to #MeToo and Other Cultural Movements

by: Erin Feldman

When our churches engage with culture, we sometimes encounter movements like #metoo and #blacklivesmatter. These movements challenge us, and we wonder what to do and say. Login or join to learn when to get involved and some best practices for engaging well.

How to Handle Trolls and Negative Feedback on Social Media

by: Seth Muse

Whenever you’re responding to online negativity, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about the heckler; it’s also about the people watching you handle the heckler. Login or join to learn about 12 kinds of social feedback and how to respond to each type.

Creating a Believable, Media-Worthy Ministry

by: Mark MacDonald

Ministries should seek media attention—but not all media is equal. We need to seek good, believable, media coverage. Join or login to learn what that looks like and how to build relationships that facilitate it.

Four Ways to Get "Press" Without a Press Release

by: Heather Kemper-Hussey

It takes more than a marketing piece or news story to bring more people onto our church campuses. Beyond press releases, we have to be creative about how we bring people to church, how we bring church to our community, and how we get our church members involved and inviting. Login or join for some ideas.

Writing Effective Press Releases That Get Attention

by: Robert Carnes

Any good public relations strategy involves a healthy dose of press releases. Join or login to learn that what, when and how-to of effective press releases.

5 Tips for Handling the News Media Like a Pro

by: Jodi Tonarelli

No matter how you consume it, or what biases you see in it, the American news media remains a force to be reckoned with. Since church communicators have the most compelling story of all time, part of our job should be harnessing the power and influence of the media for Jesus. Simple, huh? Login or join to learn how.

5 Steps to a Successful PR Strategy for Your Church

by: Andrea Hubbert

In this resource, you’ll learn the three primary components of a PR strategy, the three general goals of PR, and five steps to actually creating a PR plan for your church. (Login or join to become a PR wizard!)

5 Must-Have Tools for Handling a Church Communication Crisis

by: Erin Feldman

Communications crises befall everyone—the big guys, the little guys, and, yes, nonprofits and churches. There’s no need to be scared or worry (overly much). It won’t do you any good. Instead, login or join to be prepared with these five, must-have tools.

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