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Hey, Courageous Storytellers friends –

It’s June, which means it’s time to start thinking about hayrides and pumpkin spice lattes! Hooray!

Erm, have you lost your mind, Kelley? Nope. I haven’t.

What I have lost is my enthusiasm for planning crazy-busy seasons when said seasons have already arrived aaaaaand I suspect you feel the same way. So, rather than waiting until September to talk about fall kickoff, we thought it made a whole lot more sense to talk about it in June. This way, you’ll have a fighting chance of strategizing, planning, and prepping well in advance of the ramp-up.

If you have a chance, I’d love to hear what resources you’re finding to be the most helpful. Drop me a line at

For you,

Kelley Hartnett
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Documents & Templates

Communicating Fall Without Creating Noise

by: Meiko Seymour

Trying to communicate all the fall things can be a bit of a nightmare. Join or login for some tips on sharing everything you need to share—without creating a bunch of noise for your church family.

5 Ways to Meet People In Your Community This Fall

by: Meredith Manning Brown and Curtis Brown

In the fall months, it’s pretty easy to get sucked back inside as regular church programming ramps up. Resist this impulse! This is the prime season to meet new people by focusing your ministry outside the walls and relationships of your regular ministry setting. Join or login to discover five great ways to new people in late summer and early fall.

Bulk Mail Done Right

by: Dean Christian

If we were to believe every Facebook Group conversation about bulk mail, we’d be convinced the post office is a direct portal to hell. While it’s true that bulk mail can be an expensive proposition, that doesn’t mean it’s never a good option. (Plus, some of you have no choice.) Join or log in to learn practical tips for making the most of direct mail.

Fall Kickoff Ideas for Your Church

by: Crystal Kirkman

When back-to-school commercials launch, that’s our signal to get moving on our fall kickoff plan! It’s a great time to take advantage of the natural mindset shift as families get back into school-year routines. Login or join to access these five kickoff ideas, along with some advice about follow-up.

Creative Ways to Invite People Back to Church in the Fall

by: Sarah Murry

We all seem to crave a crisp, fresh routine when summer is over and school starts back up. Join or login to see some creative ways we can encourage people to come back to church and make it a part of their routine.

4 Ways to Build Momentum Toward Fall Kickoff

by: Meghan Howard

Fall kickoffs allow us to hit the reset button so we can get back into our regular routine—with both life and faith. Join or login to see four tips for creating momentum heading into the fall season.

Fall Communication Checklist

by: John Barolo

With the fall influx (and re-flux) of folks in the fall, it’s a good idea to make sure we’re still communicating what we intend to communicate. Join or login to download a fall communication checklist that will help you review all the information you’re sharing.

Brainstorming Meetings That Pour Down Ideas

by: Ben Stapley

Need some fresh ideas for your fall kickoff? Join or login to learn how to put together a brainstorming session that releases the creative talent on your team and leverages your time together to the max.

Tent Posts (A Useful Metaphor)

by: Keith Scarborough

Most churches already have “tent posts” on the calendar, but we haven’t learned to exploit their potential to attract new guests and increase the amount of visits for those who come only once or twice a year. Join or login in to check out this interesting perspective from a former theme park director.

Hassle-Free (Sorta) Small Group Registrations

by: Sara McLaughlin

In many churches, fall is a season of intense focus on getting people connected through small groups. Login or join to access some tips for managing group-related communication, registration, and sign-up processes.

A No-Stress Approach to Event Planning

by: Deborah Ike

With careful planning and attention to detail, events can be an effective way to introduce new folks to your church. Login to download this step-by-step guide to planning successful—not stress—events.

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