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If you’re like most church communicators, you’ve experienced random moments of blind panic when you’re asked to do something and you have no earthly idea how to do it. You agree it should be done. You’re even kind of excited about doing it. But actually making it happenYou don’t even know where to begin. For me, those moments of panic come in regard to design. 

Listen, I’m a word girl. My elementary school report cards are full of U’s in art. (For those who’ve never seen a U—that’s Unsatisfactory. Yes, in elementary school.) I did poorly in art because I got so caught up in doing it right that I never managed to finish any project ever. Now, fast-forward a couple of dozen years to me sitting at my desk at church, mouse in hand, embarrassed to open Microsoft Publisher because I’ve already caught wind that the use of Publisher is blasphemous (apparently) or, at the very least, deserving of deep and abiding ridicule.

But someone had to create those signs. And someone had to publish the newsletter (back then, anyway). So, what’s a word-girl-forced-into-picture-land to do? Learn. The basics, at least. That’s all there is to it.

So, this month, we’ve put ourselves back into the shoes of a newish church communicator who’s trying to navigate the ins and outs of design, and we’ve assembled some goodies for you: tools to use, resources to tap into, some basic dos and don’ts, and, to be honest, some suggestions for attitude adjustments. This month’s contributors get it—and they get you, too. You’ll see.

As always, if you have suggestions for future topics or have any feedback for us—drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Be good to yourselves!
Kelley Hartnett
Membership Director



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Documents & Templates

A Guide To Typography

Login to download an introduction to typography (fonts) that includes an overview of the nuts & bolts, general type guidelines, things to avoid with fonts, and more.

10 Tips for Better Social Graphics

Login to download a list of 10, super-practical tips for creating effective (and gorgeous!) social media graphics.

Everything a Beginning Designer Should Know

Login to download some sage wisdom from a pro about where to begin as a designer.

Capturing Stellar Photos

Login to download a list of 10 simple tips that’ll help take your photos from meh to stunning.

Design Template for Business Cards

Login to download an InDesign template for business cards.

Design Template for Note Pad

Login to download an InDesign template for a note pad.

Design Template for Note Cards

Login to download an InDesign template for note cards.

Design Template for Letterhead

Login to download an InDesign letterhead template.

Design Apps: A Comparison

Login to download a chart that compares several popular design apps. Yes, even Publisher.

Help! My Pastor Doesn't "Get" Design

Login to download a helpful guide for having tough conversations with not-so-artsy pastors.

The Church Communicator's Guide to Copyright Law

Login to download a comprehensive (but blessedly easy-to-understand) guide for navigating copyright laws.

Design Proofing Checklist

Login to download a list of things to double-check before sending your art to the printer.

To Stock or Not to Stock

Login to download a guide to help you decide when and how to use stock photography.

Social Graphics

Stock Photos

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