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Everything we do communicates something. That’s kind of a cool, trendy sentence, but sometimes that fact is super annoying, isn’t it? From your parking lot to your worship space and everywhere in between, people are taking note of what your environments communicate—even if they don’t realize it. A very important (and fun!) part of your job as a communicator is to ensure those details are shored up and intentional to create a comfortable and effective environment for your guests.

This month we have some really stellar resources that provide some pointers and offer some fresh perspectives for those environments in your church. Whether you choose to focus on your lobby, your parking lot, your stage, or even your office, we’ve got you covered.

And, oh yeah—It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year. Hang in there. You work is important, and we’re here to cheer you on!

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Documents & Templates

How Can Lighting Enhance The Worship Experience?

by: Emma Atkinson

Lighting has the ability to really enhance—or really hinder—a worship environment. This piece is a fascinating case study with an older church that utilized lighting to turn a very traditional building into a vibrant and modern atmosphere.

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Can The Local Church Become The “Third Place”?

by: Robert Carnes

In America, Starbucks has become what many people call the ‘Third Place,’ because it is where people default to going while not at home or the office. Is it possible for the local church to become that Third Place in your community?

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Welcome the Kids Card

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

Sometimes it can feel like children aren’t welcome in church. This ready-to-print pew card can help create an environment that’s more welcoming for parents and kids. Includes several sizes and formats for easier printing.

5 Tips To Create The Perfect Welcome

by: Samuel Gualtieri

When people walk through your doors, do you know if they’re coming back again? Are they thinking, “Wow, this is a fun, vibrant place!” or are they looking for the nearest exit? We’ve collected some of the best ways you can enhance your welcome and turn a bland environment into a vibrant celebration.

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“Must-Haves” For Every Church Environment

by: Jonathan Norton

Every little thing about your church communicates something. A church environment can make or break a first-time guest’s experience with the church. Here are a few things to help you put together a plan for your first-time guest experience.

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Church Building Exteriors: Is It Time For A Change?

by: Laura Powell

Your church may be the most spirit-led place in town. But if the outside is neglected or out of date, visitors may be passing you by. Check out this awesome case study, along with some practical action steps if your building exterior could benefit from some attention.

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9 Things To Do To Get Ready For Christmas (Early)

by: Robert Carnes

Believe it or not, Christmas is just weeks away. That may not seem like much time, but it can be if you plan properly. Review this checklist now to get ahead of the game.

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Your Office Environment: How Do You Work Productively?

by: Kevin Hendricks

How do you get work done in the unique environment that is the church office? We’ve got 25 tips to help you maximize your office and make it a sacred space of productivity. Let’s get it done.

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How Your Church Can Welcome People With Disabilities

by: Meredith Gould

Is your worship space user-friendly? How about for people who are considered differently abled? Does your leadership even know who that might include? Make sure your church is looking out for everyone in this important resource.

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5 Things Our Church Environments Communicate

by: Jonathan Malm

There are five basic environments you can choose to pursue on the stage of your church. As the guy who runs, Jonathan Malm describes those five options, and explains which might work best for your church.

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