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We church communicators do a lot of stuff, don’t we? And we’re expected to be experts on all of it: web design, social media strategy, email marketing, and more. One critical skill is a part of everything we do: Writing.

This month, we’re bringing you all sorts of resources to help you level-up on your word-nerdiness. Whether you’re already a terrific writer or your 8th grade English teacher is still chasing you with her red pen, we hope this month’s goodies will help build your skills and your confidence.

As always, feel free to let us know what you think of this month’s stuff. I’d love to hear from you.

Kelley Hartnett
Courageous Storytellers Director


Writing for Non-Writers
Jonathan Malm is a creative entrepreneur and author of multiple books, including Unwelcome and The Hidden OptionHe lives with his wife in San Antonio, where he writes and roasts his own coffee beans.

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Documents & Templates

How to Write Great Headlines

by: Kevin D. Hendricks

Although we’re not writing for a newspaper, headlines are all around: announcement blurbs in the bulletin, email subject lines, blog post titles, and more. If you want your church communication to be more effective, write more effective headlines. Join or login to learn how.

Must-Have Guide to Writing for the Web

by: Mark MacDonald

Content for a website has to be created differently than print materials. Join or login to why—and what to do about it.

10 Church Copywriting Pet Peeves

by: The Courageous Storytellers Team

Lousy writing reeks of unprofessionalism and/or laziness. If we don’t care how we’re communicating something, why would anyone care what we’re communicating about? Login or join to see a checklist of 10 pet peeves to watch for.

DIY Checklist of Common Mistakes

by: The Courageous Storytellers Team

Do you find yourself making the same errors over and over again? Is it because you’re too busy to pull out your style guide and double-check that one pesky rule yet again? Yeah, us, too—which is why we’ve developed this checklist of common mistakes. Join or login to access.

The Importance of Editing

by: Jan Lynn

Having trouble explaining to your colleagues why you care so much about Oxford commas and the correct use of apostrophes? We’ve put together a presentation to help you have that conversation. Login or join to download the zip file with instructions, presenter notes, and a PowerPoint deck.

Web Copy Starting Points

by: Jodi Roberts

Building a new website? Need to freshen-up your content? This guide offers a great starting place for five common pages written in four common styles. Cut, paste, adapt, and publish! Login or join to get started.

How to Vet Potential Volunteer Editors and Proofreaders

by: Kelley Hartnett

Have some people interested in volunteering in your ministry? Super! But how do you know if they’re any good? Join or login to access some practical help.

How to Build a Volunteer Writing and Editing Team

by: Kelley Hartnett

If you’re a church communication team of one, it’s time to get yourself some help. Don’t feel like you need help? Great. Because the best time to build a team is before you need one. Join or login to access some tips for getting started.

33 Things to Read to Improve Your Writing

by: The Courageous Storytellers Team

If you want to be a better writer, it helps to read. A lot. And it really helps if some of what you’re reading is about, well, writing. Login or join to access a list of great books and blogs—all related to the craft of writing.

Pre-Easter Copy Tune-Up

by: Sarah Girard

Unless we’re intentional, we can lapse into a set-it-and-forget-it approach to certain aspects of our communication. Given that Easter’s coming up, now’s a perfect time to check on all of those things churning in the background. Join or login to see a checklist that will help your Easter communication hum right along.

How to Write When You Don't Think You're a Writer

by: Erin Feldman

Struggling to write these days? Join or login to access this resource of practical tips and inspirational advice to get your words flowing again.

4 Tips for Writing Better Church Announcements

by: Kelvin Co

Access to multiple communication channels makes writing church announcements an even more vital function than ever before. Login on or join to learn four tips for writing better ones.

Copy Matters

by: Kevin D. Hendricks, Editor

Copy is everywhere and so much of our communication relies on it. Brilliant design can’t save bad copy, so you have to make sure it communicates. Login or join to download Copy Matters, and learn the basics of great copywriting.


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