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OK, so if Courageous Storytellers is supposed to be for church communicators, why are we dedicating an entire month’s worth of resources to guest services? Well, because everything at your church communicates something. If your communications team and your guest services/hospitality/first impressions team aren’t holding hands and skipping around the playground together—well, you oughta be. And since Christmas is coming, now is the perfect time to develop or refine your first-time guest processes.

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the dining room Courageous Storytellers team proudly presents your dinner October goodies.

Oh, and you’ll for-sure want to click on “Bonus Christmas Resource Pack.” (We have presents for you!)

Holler if you need anything! I’d love to hear from you.

Take care,
Kelley Hartnett
Membership Director

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Documents & Templates

The Why, How, and What of First-Time Guest Gifts

by: Kelley Hartnett

Most churches have a hunch they ought to offer guests some sort of gift. But why? And what’s the best way to do that? And what makes a good gift, anyway? Great questions. Login to get some answers.

Guest-Friendly Communication

by: Kelley Hartnett

Words are powerful, and the way we use them in church-world can either dissolve the line between “insiders” and “outsiders,” or they can build a wall between us. Login to download some steps to conduct an “audit” of your communication through the eyes of a guest.


by: Jonathan Malm

Are you making your first-time guests feel welcome? Or are you driving them away—unintentionally—with bad signage, reserved seating, clunky communication and more? Login to download Jonathan Malm’s book, Unwelcome, to learn how your church can roll out the welcome mat for your guests.

Connect Card Template

by: Chuck Scoggins

Need some inspiration for your connection/communication card? Login to download this zip file containing InDesign and PDF files to help you get started.

4 Ways to Welcome and Connect with Guests

by: Greg Atkinson

It’s important to think strategically about how to treat guests before they ever set foot on your campus. Login to check out these tips for creating a more guest-oriented experience.

5 Tips to Connect with Church Newbies

by: Jim Peich

We all get pretty jazzed when someone attends our church for the first time. And we get extra jazzed when they come back again, right? Login to learn five tips to help you make that second visit more likely.

5 Must-Have Communications Pieces for First-Time Guests

by: Greg Atkinson

Did you know making first-time guests feel welcome starts in your office? Login to check out these essential guest-related communication pieces.

5 Tips for Welcome Card Systems

by: Mark MacDonald

When someone attends your church for the first time, it’s a great idea to try to get their name and contact information. But what’s the best way to do that? Login to check out these five tips for making the most of your welcome card (or connect card or communication card).

Auto-Responder Campaign for First-Time Guests

by: Chuck Scoggins

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to engage with first-time guests beyond Sunday morning? There totally is—including through email. Login to download this series of automated emails to begin nurturing a relationship with your guests.

First-Time Guest No-No's

by: Greg Atkinson

Want to do a better job connecting with guests? Login to download these 10 things to avoid doing.

Going Going Gone

by: Kelvin Co

As church communicators, we focus a lot of attention on our front door—helping our guests feel welcome. But what about that pesky back door? Login to download this resource that offers a practical solution for reaching out to people who are going—before they’re gone.

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