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Ho, ho, ho, and haaaapppppyyyy Fourth of July! Are we officially the first to wish you a merry Christmas?

You know how this works by now: Right now it’s the heat of summer and December feels like lightyears away, but you also know your local Hobby Lobby will be putting Christmas trees and wreaths in their lobby any day now, and then the downhill race to the end of the year is fiercly unstoppable.

Christmas is a long ways away, but now is a great time to start getting your act together. It’s ok if you don’t have your sermon series graphic done (ha!) and there’s no way your worship leaders have their setlists ready (ha, ha!), but there is other work you can do now to stay ahead of the game.

We’ve also been around long enough to know that some of you will devour this content now and get to work on your awesome plans while others will come back and frantically check these out on November 29. Either way, use these tools to help create and execute a killer Christmas marketing plan that will help those in your community experience the gift of Jesus in a real and powerful way this holiday season.

“You’re not Santa! You smell life beef and cheese!”



Content Marketing for Christmas (Q&A with Shannon Whitehead)

“Content marketing” or “lead magnets” are the new buzz phrases in the communication world. If you haven’t tried this at your church yet, I bet you’ve signed up for something like this yourself. The basic idea is you offer some piece of content for free, ask your audience for their email address in exchange, and begin some sort of email drip campaign to win them over as a new customer.

Doing this well can be tricky and intimidating, but Shannon Whitehead has some great advice for us. She helps churches with projects like this through her job at Church Fuel, and this month she has some great pointers for how we can do this at our churches–especially leading up to Christmas.

For more on this topic, don’t miss the piece Shannon wrote for us a few months back about lead magnets for Easter.

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Documents & Templates

Check-It-Twice Christmas Planning Checklist

by: Erin Feldman

Some of us are intentional about planning months in advance. Others of us… aren’t. Wherever you fit on that spectrum and whatever month you choose to look at this, following this checklist will help solidify your Christmas marketing plan.

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Christmas: Keep It Simple

by: Meghan Howard

Most of us feel immense pressure to really wow guests who come to our Christmas services. While that may be OK sometimes, you don’t have to do that. Here are several tips of easy things to do this holiday season that won’t max the stress meters.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Church's Facebook Ad

by: Steve Fogg

Facebook advertising continues to be a powerful and affordable way to reach people in your community. Before you design your next ad for Christmas or any other church initiative, be sure to keep these seven tips in mind.

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Christmas: A Time of Tradition. But What About Traditional Advertising?

by: Adam McLaughlin

Knowing how to use your Christmas marketing budget can be tricky, especially with so many outlets available. Before you decide if you’ll advertise on Facebook, Google, a billboard, radio ad, or a front-page newspaper spread, here are seven questions to consider.

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10 Christmas Stage Design Ideas For Your Church

by: Matt Ehresman

Whether your church has unique stage designs every week or maybe you’re looking to spruce things up for Christmas, here are 10 ideas you can try on your stage this year.

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12 Ideas for Thanking Christmas Volunteers

by: Robert Carnes

Volunteers are absolutely crucial with the added expectations and workloads that are generally associated with the Christmas season. These people are typically anxious to serve, but they still deserve to thanked and appreciated. Here are 12 ways you can take care of these awesome people this holiday.

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Christmas: The Prequel

by: Jodi Tonarelli

Christmas gets all the attention and the glitz and the glamor, but Thanksgiving can also be an amazing opportunity for your church that can really set you up well for a meaningful holiday season. As you put some thought to your Thanksgiving service this year, don’t miss these five tips.

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Christmas Invite Graphics Package

by: Sheri Felipe

Need some help designing some invite tools for your church this Christmas? We’ve got you covered! We have a Christmas invite pack that includes Facebook ads, Facebook banners, postcards, invite cards, and more! Login or join to download!

Printable and Customizable Advent Devotional

by: Erin Feldman

We’ve created a daily devotional for the Advent season that you can print, host, share, and customize for your church family! You can access the customizable design files, printable PDFs, and text-only Word Doc. Login or join to download!

25 Advent Images for Social

by: Sheri Felipe

Post one of these ready-to-go Advent graphics (sized for Facebook and Instagram) on your church social channels everyday from December 1 – 25 to help build anticipation for the Christmas season. Login or join to download!

Social Graphics