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(and a few Easter-y things)

Christmas and Easter garner a lot of our attention, and rightfully so. However (I hate to be the bearer of bad news), there are 50 other weeks throughout the year that also require your attention.

A big part of our job as church communicators is to make sure our congregations are properly informed about events, message series, and other opportunities to connect with your church. By now I’m sure you have a perfectly flawless, streamlined system with deadlines and expectations that help you knock out the endless stream of design, social, and video requests that slide across your desk every day.

Sure. I do, too. (Why are you laughing?)

Assuming your content is made and your systems are strong (stop laughing!), there are other important details I’m sure you’ve come across as you prepare for big events. Should you offer a photo booth? Are you sick of printing invite cards no one is using? How is your guest services team doing, and what the heck are Snapchat geofilters? Check out this month’s lineup for help with all of that and more.

Speaking of Easter, we have something new we’re excited to share with you! We offer graphics for you to share on social media every month, but this time we’re also sharing social videos for you to post leading up to Easter! We had an awesome conversation this month with best-selling author Lee Strobel about the historical evidence of the Easter story, and we decided it was just too good not to share with your churches. Watch the full webinar with Lee below, but then be sure to download the shorter clips that you’re welcome to share with your church family!

So whether you’re in full-on Easter prep mode or maybe have a few things on the calendar before that, be sure to take advantage of these awesome pointers. As always, we’re cheering you on!



P.S. Don’t forget about our Easter resource page with all sorts of tips and freebies that will be super helpful this month!



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Documents & Templates

Central Presbyterian Church: A Sample Event Promotion Schedule

by: Jeff Brown

Communicating about big events can be challenging, and we all handle event promotion a little differently. Still, it can be helpful to see examples of systems that work, so check out this example from Central Presbyterian in St. Louis.

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7 Tips to Make the Most of Your Photo Booth

by: Karen Shay-Kubiak

A photo booth is a great way to turn holidays and other special events into memory makers at your church. Before you setup your next photo booth, make sure to consider these 7 tips.

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Getting Started with Snapchat Geofilters

by: Tom Pounder

Yes, there are well-documented concerns about SnapChat, but using the platform also gives you a great chance to reach out to younger generations. For your next big event, maybe it’s time to consider creating your own SnapChat geofilter. Here’s how!

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Help! We Do Too Many Events!

by: Matt Ehresman

Many churches get sucked into the powerful temptation to host event after event after event without a whole lot of thought or strategy. There certainly is a dark side to this, but hosting a lot of events might actually be good for your church family. Here’s why.

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How to Build a Welcoming, Hospitable Environment

by: Angie Ward

Your welcome team’s job is to create a comfortable environment so guests can hear God’s Word. That’s easy to say, and very hard to do. This value is driven deep into the culture of Life.Church, one of the nation’s largest and most successful churches. Read their tips here.

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Lee Strobel Shareable Social Media Videos

by: Lee Strobel

As Easter approaches, we wanted to provide some fun and helpful video content for your social channels. Take a look at these videos from author Lee Strobel sharing interesting facts about Jesus’ death and resurrection, and feel free to share with your audience!

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A New Take On Church Invite Cards

by: Travis Walser

If a standard invite card hasn’t worked well at your church, maybe it’s time to consider a new strategy. Check out this unique approach that aims for multiple invites instead of just one.

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5 Tips For Evaluating Your Church's Events

by: Jeanette Yates

Church events provide great opportunities to invite and engage with our communities, but how do we know if they’re successful? Is it solely based on attendance? Here are five tips your church should consider before your next event.

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Last Chance! Rethink Communication FREE Download!

by: Phil Bowdle

This is your last chance! If you haven’t downloaded your free copy of Phil Bowdle’s new book, Rethink Communication, grab it now or learn more about the book here.

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